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Traeger Wood Fired Grills are known for their ability to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary events. At Authority Spas, we have the best selection of Traeger Grills Denver has to offer.
For almost 30 years Traeger Grills has built the world’s number one selling wood-fired grills. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, this innovative company has also created a community of close to a half a million wood-fired grilling followers that share recipes and ideas. 
With rave reviews in everything from Men’s Journal to The Wall Street Journal Traeger’s exaltations are most definitely warranted. The company has mastered the craft of wood-fired cooking by taking into consideration that meat should be healthier and better tasting than what’s produced through gas or charcoal fueled grilling. By using an indirect cooking method through the use of wood pellets, their grills reduce carcinogenic chemicals that may occur through other grilling methods. 
Traeger’s wood-fired, stainless steel, LED-display award winning grilling platforms blend the benefits of high-tech features and old-school cooking. These robust constructed grills are fueled by 100% pure hardwood pellets and managed with a digital controller which allows for low-heat slow cooking or hot and fast cooking modes. By taking hardwood fuel and turning it into wood-fired creations, Traeger ups the ante by allowing you to take advantage of its cooking 6-in-1 versatility – smoke, bake, braise, grill, barbeque, and roast you prime cuts to perfection. 
These grills are constantly given kudos by some of the best known professional BBQ-ers as well. Yes, there is a professional BBQ circuit, attracting teams from as far away as Estonia, and winner’s purses up to $75,000.00! And, Traeger’s Pro Team has racked up a number of wins. Traeger grills are so adaptable to different types cooking that it can go from something hearty as ribs to something delicate like whiskey caramel cheesecake, which took top honors at the 27th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue in 2015. 
You can be a great BBQ chef, but if your equipment is substandard, your results are going to be substandard. With a Traeger grill, even the novice BBQ chef can create laudable reviews from friends and family as the neighborhood’s new Pit Master. There is no messy charcoal to contend with, you don’t have to worry about flare ups, the hassle of propane tanks, or babysitting the grill. These grilling marvels are basically wood-fired convection ovens that once set-up are hands off. 
With even and consistent temperatures and smoke delivery, the grills can be used with any number of pellets that Traeger makes. Their natural formulas range from 100% blends of Oak, Maple, and Alder for a mild flavor profile to 70% Alder combined with 30% Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, or Pecan for a robust smoke, all with a 5% burn (BTU) to smoke ratio.
If you are looking for a comprehensive grilling solution that will up your BBQ game, Traeger Wood Fired Grills are exactly the platform you need. Whether you want to cook meats and vegetables or bake bread, these grills deliver amazing, high-quality, mouth-watering results! Check out our Traeger grills on-line or at our Denver, Colorado store today!

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