With its 2,400-gallon capacity, the AquaPro 19 Swim Spa is the largest and deepest of all underwater exercise spa models. Boasting sizable dimensions of 228”L x 90.25”W x 62”H, this extra-large exercise spa provides more depth and length for larger swimmers, and the six high volume swim jets with adjustable speed and pressure are positioned to provide extra lift and current, making the swimming experience quite unique. When you do “laps” in the AquaPro 19 Swim Spa, you’ll swear you are in an Olympic-sized pool, instead of the comfort and privacy of an exercise spa in your very own back yard. At Authority Spas & Home Recreation, we provide more than just hot tubs to Denver and the surrounding areas!

This professional grade underwater gym for the home was inspired by you, the consumer. The response to the smaller AquaSport 13 caused the design team to go back to the design drawing board and go big or go home; they chose to go big and produced the 13’s “big brother” (the AquaPro 19). The new model has a sportier look and feel than its predecessor, and an optional MP3-ready stereo system with a subwoofer and four marine speakers, so you can rock out while you work out.

Serious fitness aficionados like using the sporty version of AquaPro’s flagship swim spa to get their workout on. In addition to a new, sportier color scheme, the AquaPro 19 Swim Spa has the patented Ultra Pure Water Management system, offering 24-hour circulation and filtration, in addition to ozone injection, which means you need far fewer chemicals with this sophisticated cleaning system than if you had a typical swimming pool or hot tub. Less chemicals means a better, fresher swimming and workout experience.

For those dedicated aquatic athletes who are serious about their water work, this heavy duty underwater gymnasium offers commercial grade tile, including step markers and water depth indicators, exclusive, custom designed high flow swim jets with adjustable nozzles, and a patented stainless steel HydroSport resistance exercise system for the ultimate in aerobic water workouts.

Design Manager Vic Walker says the company named this beast the AquaPro for a good reason. “This model is really the AquaSport 13 on steroids. The 19 has the deepest swim lane we offer, allowing more of a deep water workout, benefitting the cardiovascular system and a longer, more powerful swim current. Working out in water is a great way to burn calories and have fun at the same time.” There’s even a two pump, four jet version that comes at a lower price point than the original AquaPro 19 model, saving you money.

The resistance that water offers also makes the AquaPro19 a great place to safely do your strength training. If you like doing Pilates or yoga for your workouts, the spa has four different workout stations that can accommodate all patented HydroSport gear, enabling you to do a variety of workouts or work on injury rehabilitation. When you are done exercising, you can relax and take a few minutes to cool down in the spa’s fully jetted cool down chair, with its patented adjustable Neck Flex Jet Pillow. The AquaPro 19 Swim Spa has everything you need to totally enjoy the best workout available at home.

Whether you install your spa inside or outside your home, you will appreciate and enjoy the Ultralife slip resistant interior of the spa, surrounded by a durable, all weather exterior. This makes the tub adaptable to either below ground or above ground temperatures. With a stainless steel heater, optimal heat recovery and lower energy consumption is possible with the 100% insulated tub. To begin enjoying the many health benefits of owning your own AquaPro 19 Swim Spa at an unprecedented savings, contact Authority Spas and Home Recreation in Highlands Ranch, Colorado today. Call us at (303) 721-7727 and let us put you in the swim spa of your dreams as soon as possible!

Water Capacity: 
2,400 gal
Swim Spa Dry Weight: 
3,600 lbs
Swim Spa Full Weight: 
23,600 lbs
Swim Spa Dimensions: 
228” L x 90.25” W x 62” H
AFS 19

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