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Bullfrog Hot Tubs are The Only Spas with JetPaks!

Bullfrog Spas are the world's only hot tubs equipped with the patented JetPak System. JetPaks are modular hot tub jets that can be interchanged at any time now or in the future.
JetPak® Technology delivers incredible power, maximum versatility, and allows you to upgrade your spa's jetting with new JetPaks anytime, making it a truly custom-fit hot tub in Denver homes.

Because of the patented JetPak System, Bullfrog Spas are completely customizable and upgradeable, are virtually leak-proof, and are extremely energy efficient. Bullfrog Spas use 90% less plumbing and we have eliminated diverter valves, which, gives Bullfrog Spas more pressure and more powerful jets than the competition. Visit Authority Spas to get the best hot tubs in Denver.

The Leader in 100% Wood-Free Construction

Best Hot Tub in Denver

Bullfrog Spas are constructed using state of the art manufacturing technology and the most advanced and durable materials available to ensure that you experience years of worry-free use. Bullfrog Spas are built on the EnduraFrame support structure that is assembled with 100% wood free injection molded components.Because there is no cutting of wood 2x4s or 2x2s, like other spas use, all human error is removed and Bullfrog Spas fit together perfectly every time, creating the most durable, reliable hot tub in Denver.

Every piece of aCutting edge JetPak Technology and unmatched durability and function give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the ultimate reason for purchasing a hot tub ... your well-deserved rest & relaxation!

Yes, A Leak-Proof Hot Tub. 90% Fewer Holes and 90% Less Plumbing

The “LeakGuard” design of Bullfrog Spas with JetPak Technology ensures that you remain relaxed. You'll never have to worry about leaks in your Bullfrog Spa.

Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% less plumbing and fewer holes underneath the spa than traditional spas. If a JetPak does happen to develop a leak, the water will stay inside the spa rather than escaping. JetPaks are so efficient that they have the portable hot tub industry’s only true lifetime warranty on plumbing. You can count on a Bullfrog hot tub in Denver lasting a long, long time!

Bullfrog's JetPak jets  are fitted into modular JetPaks  that rest inside of the spa instead of being drilled into the spa shell. The hot tub remains free of holes and, consequently, watertight! 

A More Powerful Hot Tub Design

The unique design of the JetPak System in a Bullfrog Spa is so efficient that it allows every jet in the spa to run at the same time.

All other conventional spas, even those with multiple pumps, have to use diverter valves to get enough pressure to the jets. A diverter valve makes it so that only some of the jets can be on at any one time. In a Bullfrog Spa, every single person in the spa can enjoy their customized hydromassage at the same time.

Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs engineered to be more powerful while using less energy. The “PowerPlus” concept is made possible by the JetPak Technology. The JetPak System uses far less plumbing, up tu 90% less. Less plumbing, and consequently less water friction, means that you will have more powerful hot tub jets without having to use a larger pump. More power means a deeper massage making these the most relaxing hot tubs in Denver

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