Bullfrog Spa R7

Bullfrog Hot Tub R7 Model Spa in Denver

The Bullfrog Spa model R7 is a high quality, medium sized hot tub which feels roomier inside than it first appears. This great hot tub comfortably seats four to six people and is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. This is one of the best hot tubs Denver residents can relax in!

With the most features of any hot tub in its class, the R7 has an open design allowing for varying levels of ergonomic comfort. Each corner seat of the R7 features a therapeutic JetPak of your choice. In addition, the R7 provides two comfortable corner captain chairs that each feature wrist, hip, and foot jets to massage your body to provide the comfort and relief you are looking for.

Perfect for withstanding the extreme temperature changes in Colorado, Bullfrog Spas lead the pack in 100% wood-free spa construction technology. Designed and created with the proprietary and patented EnduraFrame, this spa support structure is assembled with injected molded components that are built to last. This amazing technology does away with worries of splitting, cracking, rotting, or warping, and will bring years of luxurious relaxation and enjoyment.

Bullfrog Spas’ unique JetPak Therapy system also does away with excess tubing, pipes, and standard plumbing used in conventional hot tubs. With a simple manifold system, this efficient engineering method uses a self-contained system that can deliver a customized massage for different parts of your back, depending on the JetPak you chose to include in your R7 hot tub.

The R7 hot tub also features the Bullfrog Spa WellSpring Water Care System, which is a high-tech, specialized water purification technology that utilizes a large, dual filter for delivering clean and clear water throughout the hot tub. Each filtration cycle ensures that 100% of the hot tub’s water passes through it each time, for maximum filtration.

The technologically efficient and roomy R7 Bullfrog Spa is the perfect hot tub for owners who want a well-constructed, hassle-free hot tub that will bring years of relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment.  To learn more about the R7 and its many features, contact Authority Spas and Home Recreation in Highlands Ranch, Colorado today at (303) 721-7727.

7'4" x 7'4" x 36"

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