Bullfrog Spa A8

Bullfrog Hot Tub A8 Model Spa in Denver

Elegantly styled and technologically advanced, the Bullfrog Spa A8 is not your ordinary spa. Featured rich, the A8’s revolutionary design and engineering comes with unique lighting features, stereo options, color customizing options, and the revolutionary and innovative patented Jetpak Therapy System delivering multiple hydrotherapy massage options.

The A8 was built to last. With 90% less piping than other spas, the A8 is designed with a unique manifold system that is more efficient, and limits points of failure other brands are prone to. And, the spa is 100% free of wood, eliminating the chance for warping, rot, and other damage. The EnduraFrame spa support structure is a proprietary and patented design created for long-lasting structural integrity providing you years of spa enjoyment.

The sleek design will not only compliment your home it will enhance it. The spa comes in a variety of color options for three areas of your spa – the exterior, the interior, and the unique bio-therapeutic designed seats.

With your A8 spa come the option to customize your lighting features, creating the perfect mood for relaxation in your Bullfrog Spas water haven. With multiple full color in-spa lighting, back-lit water features, lighted cup holders, a power indicator light, and exterior sconce lighting for safety, you can see what you need, when you need it. From cool blues to warm yellows, and any hue in between, you can customize your spa’s lighting elements to create that ideal relaxed environment.

To ensure your spa water is always clean and clear, Bullfrog Spa designed the WellSpring Water Care System. Each spa features a large dual filter system for maximum filtration. During each filtration cycle, 100% of the water in your spa passes through the system freeing the spa from particulates and keeping the water fresh and crystal clear. Additionally, circulation jets are featured behind each of the spas JetPak massage seats, ensuring the system turns water at a rate as high as ten times the industry standard.

One thing that sets your A8 Series spa apart from others is the one-of-a-kind customizable massage experience you can create using the patented JetPak Therapy System. Each of the six premium seats in the A8 can be fitted with one of sixteen different seatbacks designed to provide a unique and different massage. This removable feature also eliminates needless plumbing as each piece is designed as a manifold to provide the best in efficiency and performance. From soothing kneading sensations provided by the Oscillator JetPak that targets the greater back to the NeckBlaster JetPak which offers focused medium intensity blasts of water to the neck and shoulder area, warming those muscles, alleviating tension, and relaxing those constantly used muscles.

Another unique feature to the A8 is the uniquely contoured foot dome which provides your own personalized foot massage.

Other features include audio system options that include integrated waterproof seat surround speakers, a sub-woofer, a spa-side waterproof locker for your smartphone, FM Tuner with saved presets, and waterproof remote control. To add to the ambiance of your spa experience your A8 offers a water feature that creates the soothing sound of a waterfall further creating the perfect relaxing environment.

If you are looking for a spa you can personalize to create your ideal relaxation oasis, the Bullfrog Spas A8 offers plenty of room and a number of features that you can customize from interchangeable seatbacks with unique massage features to lighting and sound options.

Authority Spas is in Highlands Ranch which is easily accessible to its Denver metro area customers, to include Parker and Castle Rock. Visit us today and see the Bullfrog Spas A8 hot tub and our other feature-rich Bullfrog Spas models.

7'10" x 7'10" x 38"

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