Bullfrog R Series

Bullfrog R Series Hot Tubs & Spas in Denver

The Bullfrog R Series Hot Tubs and Spas in Denver offer a variety of therapy options, great features, and efficient modern manufacturing to guarantee the legendary reliability that Bullfrog Spas and Hot tubs are known for. The R series is a line of top quality spas that includes the luxuries that you deserve at an affordable price.

Indulge in bio-engineered massages by choosing the JetPack Therapy system that comes with your spa choice. The Bullfrog model RL6 is a top quality 4-person spa that can seat up to 6 people. This spa is an ideal choice for people in Denver with smaller spaces, a patio or balcony. With this model, you can choose a variety of massages from 3 JetPaks of your choice. There are multiple ergonomic seating types for individuals who want to experience different types of massage and therapy. 

Get ample space and quality with the medium hot tub and Bullfrog's largest entry in the R Series, the Bullfrog Model R7. Although the R7 is defined as a medium spa, the layout of the R7 feels much roomier and can accommodate 8 people. This hot tube is perfect for entertaining at an affordable price point.

The Bullfrog R series spa model features the WellSpring Water Care System.This innovative, high-tech water purification provides clean and clear water. The R series spas by Bullfrog provide a large dual filter system to guarantee maximum filtration. The filtration system passes 100% of the water through the filters during each filtration cycle.

Along with great features and water filtration, the R series presents the same legendary engineering with Enduraframe Construction. Your Bullfrog R series, hot tub, spa, Denver Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Centennial, Colorado, will not rot or warp in harsh climates. The Bullfrog R series has a highly engineered structure so that your spa investment is dependable and long-lasting for years to come.

Get an affordable, luxurious hot tub in Denver with a Bullfrog R Series Spa at Authority Spas and Home Recreation, Inc. 

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